A wrap up of news on Salinas Police beating video

A wrap up of news on Salinas Police beating video

A video of Salinas police officers basically beating a man allegedly high on methamphetamine into submission has made national news and has started an investigation into the arrest.

Apparently the man was well known to police due to mental issues and was causing a disturbance on Main Street, running into traffic and jumping onto cars. When his mother tried to stop him, he attacked her was allegedly slamming his mother’s head against the pavement when police came on the scene. According to police, the man attacked them when they pulled him off of his mother.

Here are the links to the different stories. It is interesting to compare the coverage.

KSBW Channel 8

The Monterey Herald

The Salinas Calfornian

The Los Angeles Times

The New York Daily News

WPXI in Pittsburgh

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