Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.

Monterey Still Struggles to Account for Tidelands Expenditures

Nearly a year after the city announced it had solved the problem, the State […]

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Monterey County Sued Over Crop Protection Program

MONTEREY (CN) – Animal rights groups have filed suit against Monterey County, questioning its […]

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Post Workers unload boxes that will be filled with strawberries grown near Watsonville.

UC Davis, California accused of neglecting its famed plant-breeding program

The UC Davis plant-breeding program has been integral to California’s agricultural dominance for the […]

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Post The Final Map of the Aptos Village project approved by Santa Cruz County Supervisors on Dec. 8. No county park is on the map and lots 8 and 9 appear to have been added along Parade Street that were once public land.

Citizens Group Files Suit Against Aptos Village Project

SANTA CRUZ — A citizens group in Aptos has filed a lawsuit against the […]

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Post A green fence surrounds the property at Third and Guadalupe in Carmel where a house was destroyed two years ago in an explosion.

Woman Claims Injury From 2014 Carmel House Explosion

MONTEREY — As Pacific Gas & Electric prepares for a criminal trial in March for […]

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Monterey’s Massive Heist of Public Trust Unveiled

The City of Monterey has misallocated somewhere in the range of $20 million, and […]

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The Wharfside Stompers entertain visitors to Old Fisherman's Wharf on Thursday, March 22.

Did a City Official Just Admit Misuse of Tidelands Fund?

A Monterey City official indicated that the city is using money from its Tidelands […]

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City’s Reason for Raising Rents on Wharf is Illegal

The Monterey City Council’s stated intention to raise rents on its tidewater properties to […]

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‘Victim’ of Beating Affiliated with Norteño Gang, Say Police

SALINAS — Jose Velasco, whose violent arrest by Salinas police officers on June 5 […]

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Memo Indicates San Juan Is Targeting Bar

San Juan Buatista City leaders deny a proposed alcohol ordinance is targeted at Mom […]

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