A News Station Alert Has Arrived Android?

Similarly, How do I stop my phone from saying a new station alert has arrived?

Turn off “news & alerts” in settings>apps>pandora> notifications. This is something recDNA enjoys. A strange male voice (not Google voice) came through the other day, stating “a new station alert has arrived.” It appears at least six to ten times during the day.

Also, it is asked, How do I get station alerts?

The service, which is a collaborative venture of the IRCTC and Bharat BPO, may be accessed by dialing the Railways inquiry number 139. “When dialling 139 for the wake-up alarm, the user must input the relevant data such as PNR number, station name, and station STD code,” a senior Railway Ministry official said.

Secondly, Can I get down after destination station?

You may disembark at any stop before to your final destination. There is no need to make any changes to the ticket. You will be deemed a no-ticket passenger if you get off at any station other than the destination station.

Also, What happens if you miss your station?

If you miss your train from your specified boarding station, the TTE will not be able to assign your berth to anybody else until the train passes through the following two stops or within the next hour (whichever is earliest). As a result, if it is possible, you may board the train at the next available stop.

People also ask, What if I miss a station?

IRCTC: You will now be allowed to travel even if the train is missed by altering the boarding station, as long as you follow the railway laws. IRCTC has provided travelers with the option of changing stations at their convenience.

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What if we get down in next station?

You may disembark at the next stop, but you are not permitted to leave the station property and must return to the station on the first available train in unreserved class. There is no need to buy a return ticket.

What is the rule for sleeping in train?

A traveler with a middle bed may only sleep in his berth from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., according to railway regulations. That instance, if a passenger wishes to prevent the middle berth from opening before 10 p.m., you may do so.

Can we sleep in train in morning?

According to a railway board circular, travellers in reserved carriages may only sleep between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. to enable others to sit on the seats for the remainder of the journey. Until the circular was released, sleeping was permitted between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Can we open middle seat in train?

Passengers on the middle berth are not permitted to do so during the daytime, according to railway regulations. Passengers with middle berths may not be able to open their berths before 10 p.m. or after 6 a.m.

Can I board from different station?

As a result, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced a new service that allows passengers to board a train from a different station, even if the ticket was purchased at a different station.

Can I board one station before?

Yes, you may board the train from any other station, but only if your boarding station has been moved from the real station to the station where you must board. Changing the boarding station is only possible 24 hours before to the train’s departure.

How many hours before boarding station can be changed?

Only one change of boarding point is permitted. Before the train’s planned departure, the boarding station might be modified. If your ticket is confiscated, you will not be able to modify your boarding location. PNRs with the VIKALP option are not permitted to modify their boarding point.

Can we carry birds in train in India?

When authorities were questioned, they said that transporting parrots on Indian trains is forbidden, thus you can’t take parrots on Indian trains.

What if I miss my train in India?

If you miss your train, you must present your E Ticket to the station manager, who will issue you a Slip, which you must send to IRCTC, who will reimburse you the money after subtracting the costs of up to 50% to 70% of the entire price. For the voyage, you must buy a new ticket.

What if I enter and exit from same metro station?

Is it possible to leave from the same station as I entered? Yes, within 20 minutes of submitting your submission. After the time restriction has expired, a penalty of Rs 10 per hour, up to a maximum of Rs 50, will be assessed.

Is snoring allowed in train?

“Ministers and governments cannot take action on problems like snoring in a train,” Pawan Kumar Bansal, a former Union railway minister, told THE WEEK. A person’s ability to travel should not be restricted just because he snores.

What if someone sits on a seat on a train?

How to know if someone is occupying your seat! Make sure you’re in the right seat! I’m all too familiar with this trap, having attempted to urge someone to vacate a seat that was legitimately theirs! Maintain a respectful and modest demeanor. Show your ticket to them. Make a request for help from the conductor.

Can we sleep in second sitting?

In booking, 2S class A 2S railway seat does not provide sleeping accommodations since it is simply for sitting. It’s a decent choice for a short trip (4-5 hours). If you need to sleep during a lengthy voyage, you may reserve a sleeper/AC berth. 2S coaches usually feature a 3*3 seat arrangement.

Can we carry gold in train?

After paying the customs charge, you may import gold bars and coins up to 1 kilogram per passenger. Any traveller with an Indian passport or a legitimate passport may bring gold into the country as luggage.

Approximately 8–10 hours

Can we sleep in third AC?

Three-tiered air conditioning (3A) This is the most popular and preferred mode of transportation among Indian middle-class travelers. Each compartment of the Third AC Sleeper features eight beds.

Can we sleep in station?

If you’re a sleeping traveler, you may remain in the station’s waiting area. Passengers may use the waiting rooms three hours before the train departs.

Can I board train after 1 station?

According to IRCTC regulations, you may only change boarding stations once. You must pay the penalty as well as the difference in fee between the boarding point and the amended boarding point if you board a train from a station other than the boarding station without altering your ticket.

Can I board train after 6 stations?

There is excellent news for train travelers in India, according to Indian Railways. Instead of using the original railway station, you may now take a train from any other station. You will not be fined by the railways for this. You must make revisions to your ticket to modify the boarding station; otherwise, you may be penalized.

Can we board train from another station after chart preparation?

The reservation chart is created four hours before departure, which implies that passengers will be able to modify their boarding station while the chart is being generated, according to Dainik Jagran. The facilities will be accessible starting May 1st, according to the article.

No, we are unable to board before to the boarding point.

What is the fine for travelling without ticket in train?

a total of 250

Can I board train with waiting list ticket?

With a wait list ticket, you will not be admitted. Yes, your ticket will be upgraded to RAC status before it is verified. You can board the train with a RAC ticket, but each ticket only gets you half a berth.

How many boarding stations can change?

Requests for boarding point changes must be made through IRCTC, at the boarding station, or by dialing 139. In contrast to prior regulation, passengers will now be permitted to board at the former boarding point if a berth is available. Passengers are only permitted to alter their boarding point once.

Can I board a train after 2 stations from where I bought the ticket?

Yes, but only at the following two stops will you be able to board it. If you fail to do so, the T.T.E. may assign your seat to another individual in accordance with railway regulations.


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