Am News Radio Los Angeles?

Similarly, What is the all news radio station in Los Angeles?

97.1 KNX News FM

Also, it is asked, What station is CBS radio in Los Angeles?

TuneIn offers free streaming of CBS Sports Radio on KCBS-HD2 93.1 FM in Los Angeles, California.

Secondly, Is KNX still on AM?

KNX’s owner, Audacy, a Philadelphia-based audio business, said on Monday that the station’s signal will be replicated at 97.1 FM. The AM frequency that KNX has been broadcasting on since 1941 is 1070.

Also, What is the best FM radio station for news?

Top 10 American News Radio Stations Los Angeles, California’s KNX-AM – KNX1070News Radio. WTOP-FM, also known as 103.5 FM DC – Washington 77 WABC-AM New York, NY’s WABC Radio. All News 740 on KCBS-AM in San Francisco, California. Atlanta, Georgia’s WSB-AM, AM 750. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s KYW-AM – KYW Newsradio 1060.

People also ask, What happened to 1070 AM radio LA?

KNX Newsradio (1070 AM) will now be broadcast on FM radio as KNX News (97.1 FM) in Los Angeles starting on December 6, according to an announcement made on Monday by Audacy (formerly Entercom).

Related Questions and Answers

What happened to 1070 news radio?

KNX (1070 AM) is now on FM, as you have read in this publication or heard for yourself if you listened to the radio. On Monday, December 6th, at 3 p.m., the all-news station launched an AM-FM simulcast on KNOU’s frequencies (97.1 FM)

What is the Fox radio station in Los Angeles?

KLAC 570

What happened to KFWB News Radio?

KFWB was reportedly being sold to a company that runs radio stations in other languages on January. According to a statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mercury Capital Partners-backed Principle Broadcasting would pay $15 million to purchase the station.

How can I listen to 94.7 The Wave online?

On RADIO.COM, hear 94.7 The WAVE. 94.7 The WAVE is a Southern Californian unique music station that you may download and listen to. LISTEN LIVE while surfing or working. FREE RADIO.COM is available 24/7.

Who owns AM 1070?

Owner: CBS RadioKNX With unified radio station groups held by CBS and Westinghouse Broadcasting/Group W from the 1920s and Infinity Broadcasting since the 1970s, CBS Radio was a radio broadcasting corporation and radio network operator owned by the CBS Corporation and created in 1928. Wikipedia

How can I listen to KNX radio?

On, tune into KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO. Listen to and download all the news. All the time. inside

Why is KNX off the air?

After a workplace evacuation was prompted by a suspicious item discovered at the station’s Miracle Mile headquarters, KNX-AM 1070 radio went off the air on Tuesday. The station started airing news from San Francisco’s KCBS.

Does CNN have radio station?

Live CNN Audio The radio station CNN Radio is a part of the CNN television network. News, sports, entertainment, and music are all included on the radio. It is a network of more than 2000 broadcasters that is owned by Turner Broadcasting System.

What station is LA talk radio?

LA Talk Radio on Channel 1.

Where can I listen to KNX 1070?

KNX / Broadcast area in Southern California

Where can I listen to 97.1 amp?

Additional Los Angeles Broadcast area at KNOU Greater Los Angeles, which includes five counties in southern California stretching from Ventura and has a population of 18.5 million as of 2021, is the second-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Can you listen to Fox News on the radio?

Free Fox News Radio streaming is available at! In addition to Fox News Radio, we also provide additional ways to get Fox Radio News, such as podcasts and on-demand episodes. To start listening to Fox Radio in real time, click the play button below!

What channel is Fox News in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Fox 11

What channel is Fox News on?

Channel 360 is home to FOX News Channel HD.

What happened to Rick Dees?

He still hosts the syndicated Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown in addition to his own daily radio program, Daily Dees.

What channel is Kfwb?

News about CBS Los Angeles’ KFWB 980. U.S.

Who owns KFWB?

Asset Trust KFWB/Owner KFWB

What app is for 94.7 The Wave?

Google Play has a radio app called 94.7 The WAVE.

Does 94.7 The Wave have an app?

supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Utilize Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to easily listen to KTWV – The Wave 94.7 FM.

Why is 1070 the fan off the air?

In order to make space for construction, it was announced on Monday that radio station WFNI, better known as The Fan, would cease operations at AM 1070 as of August 2.

Is 1070 the fan going off air?

An notice on the station’s website states that the original 1070 AM broadcast frequency of WIBC would go dark “indefinitely” beginning on August 2. 93.5 and 107.5 were also covered by the signal. Before the two went to FM, The Fan.

Is Frank mottek still on KNX?

1992–2021: News reporter/anchor at KNX (AM) 1070 News in Los Angeles. On the Los Angeles all-news radio station, he was the anchor of the financial news. Additionally, he hosts the podcast and live version of the business news show Mottek On Money.

How do I listen to MSNBC?

Any listener of MSNBC radio may get free live MSNBC streaming on from anywhere in the world. Click the play button below to start listening to MSNBC audio and start watching MSNBC live!

Where can I listen to world news?

Listen to Free Internet Radio | World News on TuneIn.

What is radio Talk & radio news?

Radio programs that focus largely on conversational dialogue are known as radio talk shows. They cover a wide range of discourse styles and forms, from political rants to very engaging discussions with listeners.

Who is the number one radio host in LA?

Ricardo Sanchez is adamant about sticking to his origins despite El Mandril on KLAX-FM being the best morning radio program in Los Angeles, whether it be in English or Spanish.

What is the biggest radio station in Los Angeles?

2020. KRTH-FM was the top radio station in Los Angeles in October 2020, with 5.8% of radio listeners in the Los Angeles metro region tuned in for at least five minutes throughout each quarter hour.

What station is iHeartRadio in Los Angeles?

88.5 FM IHeart | Southern California.


The “la traffic radio station” is a news radio station that broadcasts in Los Angeles.

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