Is Newsmax Owned by Fox News?

Is Newsmax owned by Fox News? The answer may surprise you.

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Newsmax is an American news and opinion website founded by Christopher Ruddy and operated by Newsmax Media. As of March 2020, Newsmax had a U.S.-focused website available to viewers in the United States and several international editions.

Now, the network has become one of the most watched on cable news. The network’s increase in popularity has led to speculation about its ownership.

Newsmax is an independent company and is not owned by Fox News. However, the two companies have a close relationship, with Fox News Channel providing content and carriage for Newsmax TV on some cable systems.

History of Newsmax

Newsmax Media is an American news media organization founded in 1998 by Christopher Ruddy and based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Ruddy started on September 16, 1998. At its launch, was programmed and maintained by American Data Technologies for Ruddy.[4] Later, ADS was replaced by Chicago-based LLC for the technical support of the website.[5]

In early 2001, moved from West Palm Beach to New York City, where it shared office space with on Wall Street.[6][7] On June 16, 2005 due to heavy traffic and some technical difficulties that slow server response times on the website, Newsmax relaunched its site on a new platform that allows for more simultaneous users and provides nearly instantaneous page loads.[8][9]

NewsmaxTV is a United States cable television news channel that is owned by Newsmax Media. The channel broadcasts primarily from Newsmax’s West Palm Beach headquarters and is syndicated nationwide. It is carried on major cable systems including Dish Network, DirecTV,[10][11] Verizon FiOS,[12] Comcast,[13][14] Charter Communications,[15][16] AT&T U-verse,[17][18] and Cablevision.[19][20] The network’s primetime news programming airs weekdays at 7pm/ET and re-airs at 11pm/ET; weekday mornings feature “Newsmax Now”, a live two-hour program hosted by Bob Sellers (formerly Bill Tucker).[21]

Relationship with Fox News

Newmax is a right-wing news site that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s been accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Some people have questioned if it’s owned by Fox News. Let’s take a look at the relationship between Newmax and Fox News.

Rupert Murdoch and Newsmax

Newsmax is an American news and opinion website and cable television channel owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is also the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Fox Corporation, which is the parent company of Fox News.

So, is Newsmax owned by Fox News? No, Newsmax is not owned by Fox News. However, Murdoch does own both news organizations, which means that he has a controlling interest in both.

While Newsmax and Fox News are not the same thing, they do share some similarities. Both networks tend to be conservative-leaning in their coverage, and both have been known to give a platform to controversial figures.

Roger Ailes and Newsmax

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy is a close friend of President Donald Trump, and the network has been accused of acting as a propaganda outlet for the administration. However, Ruddy has denied these claims, saying that Newsmax is “an independent voice.”

Ailes was the founder and CEO of Fox News, and he served in that role until he was ousted in 2016 amid sexual harassment allegations. Ailes died in 2017.

Criticism of Newsmax

Newsmax has been criticized for inaccurate reporting, publishing conspiracy theories, and spreading disinformation. In November 2020, the website was labeled a “conspiracy outlet” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In December 2020, The Washington Post fact-checker gave Newsmax four “Pinocchios” – its worst rating – for a false claim that Dominion Voting Systems had deleted 2.7 million votes for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

In January 2021, Media Matters for America analyzed coverage of the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, and found that Newsmax devoted more time to promoting baseless conspiracy theories about the election than any other cable news channel.


No, Newsmax is not owned by Fox News. Newsmax is its own independent company, with its own Board of Directors, CEO, President, and Editors. While Newsmax does have some conservative leanings, it is not affiliated with any political party or partisan organization.

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