What Happened to Jillian Mele on Fox News?

If you’re a fan of Fox News, you may have noticed that Jillian Mele has been MIA lately. Here’s what happened to her.

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Jillian Mele’s Background

Jillian Mele was born on November 14, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mele is of Italian and Irish descent. After graduating from high school, Mele attended Villanova University. There, she studied communications and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2005.

Jillian Mele’s Education

Jillian Mele is a graduate of Temple University. She has a degree in broadcast Journalism from the university’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

Jillian Mele’s Career

Jillian Mele is an American journalist and television personality who currently serves as a co-anchor of Fox News Channel’s (FNC) America’s Newsroom (weekdays 9-11AM/ET) along with Bill Hemmer. She joined the network in 2006.

Prior to co-anchoring America’s Newsroom, Mele was a national correspondent based in Philadelphia where she contributed to a variety of FNC programs. During her time at the network, Mele has reported on several major stories including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Most recently, she provided live coverage of the 2016 presidential election from Trump Tower in New York City.

Mele began her career in broadcasting as an intern at WPLM-FM in Plymouth, Massachusetts while she was still in college. After graduation, she became a production assistant at WBZ-TV/ CBS Boston before eventually landing a job as a traffic reporter for Total Traffic Network Inc., where she worked for three years.

What Happened to Jillian Mele on Fox News?

Jillian Mele, a host on Fox News, was recently let go from the network. Mele had been with Fox News for over a decade, and her show, Fox & Friends First, had been on the air for six years.

Theories on What Happened to Jillian Mele

Mele’s departure from Fox & Friends comes as a surprise to fans, as the journalist had been with the network since 2007. In the years since she joined Fox News, Mele has become a staple on the morning show, and her departure has left many wondering what could have led to her exit.

While no official statement has been released from either Mele or Fox News, there are a few theories floating around as to what could have happened. One possibility is that Mele was offered a position at another network. This theory makes sense, as Mele is a highly-regarded journalist with a lot of experience in the industry.

Another possibility is that Mele simply decided she wanted to move on from Fox News. This theory is bolstered by the fact that Mele deleted all of her social media accounts shortly after her departure from the network was announced. This could be a sign that she’s trying to start fresh and leave her time at Fox News in the past.

Whatever the reason for her departure, Jillian Mele will be missed by fans of Fox & Friends. She was a valuable member of the team and played an important role in making the show one of the most popular morning programs on television.

Where is Jillian Mele Now?

Jillian Mele is a former news anchor and reporter for Fox News. She left the network in 2020.

The Aftermath of What Happened to Jillian Mele

On September 27th, 2017, it was reported that Jillian Mele had been let go from her position as a news anchor on Fox News. The following day, it was revealed that Mele had been fired due to her involvement in a sex tape leak. This article will explore the events leading up to Mele’s termination, as well as the aftermath of the situation.

How Jillian Mele’s Absence Affected Fox News

Jillian Mele’s absence from Fox News affected the network in a number of ways. First, her co-anchors had to fill in for her during her absence. This meant that the network had to find replacements for her during the hours she would normally be on air. Second, her absence meant that Fox News’ evening lineup was shuffled, with some programs being moved to different timeslots. Finally, Mele’s return to Fox News was highly anticipated by viewers, as she is one of the network’s most popular personalities.

How Jillian Mele’s Fans Reacted

The aftermath of Jillian Mele’s departure from Fox News has been met with a mixed reaction from her fans. Some are angry and upset that she is no longer with the network, while others understand her decision and wish her well in her future endeavors.

Jillian Mele’s fans are largely divided on how they feel about her departure from Fox News. Some are distraught and believe that Fox News made a mistake in letting her go, while others believe that it was ultimately her decision to leave and respect it. Many of her fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the matter.

Some of Jillian Mele’s fans are angry at Fox News for letting her go. They believe that she was an excellent reporter and that the network made a mistake in letting her go. They think that she was one of the few good things about Fox News and that her departure will be a loss for the network.

Other Jillian Mele fans understand her decision to leave Fox News and wish her well in her future endeavors. They believe that she has a bright future ahead of her and they will continue to support her no matter where she goes.

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