What Happened to Kennedy on Fox News?

What Happened to Kennedy on Fox News?

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Kennedy was a popular host on Fox News, but she suddenly left the network in 2018. Her departure was widely speculated, but the exact reason for her departure has never been revealed. Kennedy has since started her own podcast, “The Misfits Podcast,” where she candidly discusses her time at Fox News and her current views on the political landscape.

What happened to Kennedy on Fox News?

There are many people wondering what happened to Kennedy on Fox News. Kennedy was a popular personality on the network, and was known for her controversial opinions. She was let go from the network in September of 2018, and has not been heard from since.

Kennedy’s departure from Fox News

In September 2018, Kennedy announced her departure from Fox News. She gave no specific reason for leaving, but said that she “needs to focus on other projects.” Many speculated that she was forced out by network executives, who were unhappy with her outspoken conservatism.

The reasons behind Kennedy’s departure

When Fox News personality Kennedy announced she was leaving the network in September 2018, it came as a surprise to fans. The popular host had been with Fox News since 2012, and her show “Outnumbered” was a ratings success. So, what happened?

There are several possible explanations for Kennedy’s departure from Fox News. One possibility is that she simply wanted to move on to other opportunities. Kennedy is a well-known libertarian, and she may have felt constrained by the network’s conservative leanings. It’s also possible that she was looking for a change of pace after six years on the same show.

Another possibility is that Kennedy was unhappy with her contract negotiations with Fox News. It’s been speculated that she was seeking a raise and hoping to move to a primetime slot. When those negotiations broke down, she may have decided to leave the network altogether.

Whatever the reasons behind her departure, Kennedy will be missed by fans of “Outnumbered” and Fox News viewers in general. She was a unique voice on the network, and her absence will certainly be felt.

The impact of Kennedy’s departure on Fox News

Kennedy’s decision to leave Fox News is a significant blow to the network.

Kennedy was one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, and her departure will likely have a negative impact on the network’s ratings.

Fox News has not yet announced who will replace Kennedy on its lineup, but it is unlikely that anyone will be able to fill her shoes.


Kennedy’s show was quickly canceled after she made the controversial statement, and she has not been seen on Fox News since. While it is not clear what exactly happened to Kennedy, it seems that she is no longer working for the network.

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