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Today’s Headlines

Here are some of the top stories making headlines today.

Top Stories

Today’s top stories include a new study on the benefits of coffee, an update on the situation in Syria, and a look at the upcoming presidential election in Brazil.


The stock market rebounded Wednesday as investors regained some of their appetite for risk after a shaky start to the week.

The Dow Jones industrial average climbed about 200 points, led by gains in United Technologies, Goldman Sachs and other big names. The Standard & Poor’s 500 rose more than 1 percent after plunging 2 percent Tuesday, while the Nasdaq composite index advanced 1.5 percent.

The market’s gains came a day after its biggest drop since February, when concerns first surfaced about the scope of the coronavirus outbreak. The pullback erased nearly all of the Dow’s gains for the year and put the S&P 500 back into the red for 2020.


The advancement of technology has been beneficial in many ways. It has made life easier and more convenient. In addition, it has also made communication faster and easier. However, there are also some disadvantages to technology. One of the disadvantages is that it can be a distraction. For example, if you are trying to study for an exam, you may be distracted by your phone or by social media. Another disadvantage of technology is that it can be addictive. For example, some people cannot put down their phones even for a few minutes.


Entertainment news, trailers and reviews. Movies, TV, music and more.


Sports are a very popular topic in the news today. There are many different sports that people can follow, and there is always something going on in the world of sports. From basketball to baseball to football, there is always something to talk about when it comes to sports.

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Today’s weather will be cloudy with a chance of showers in the afternoon. highs will be in the mid 60s.

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