Where Is Neil Cavuto? Fox News Anchor Missing in Action

Is Neil Cavuto really missing in action? Some viewers of Fox News are wondering where the popular anchor has been lately.

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Neil Cavuto, the Fox News host, has been absent from the network for more than a week now, and fans are wondering what happened to him.

Cavuto has been with Fox News since its inception in 1996, and is currently the host of “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” a weekday business and economics show. He’s also a regular contributor on “Fox News Sunday” and “Special Report.”

So where is Neil Cavuto? Here’s what we know so far.

Last time Cavuto was seen on air

The last time Cavuto was seen on air was on March 9th, 2020. He has been absent from Fox News ever since. His absence is unexplained, and some have speculated that he may have been fired.

Rumors about Cavuto’s absence

There have been rumors circulating about the absence of Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. Some say that he is taking a leave of absence, while others say that he has been fired. There has been no official word from Fox News about the situation.

Cavuto’s health

Neil Cavuto, Fox News’ veteran business journalist and host of “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” has been noticeably absent from the network in recent months, prompting speculation about his health.

Cavuto has been off the air since mid-June, though he did briefly reappear in July to host a special on the Fox Business Network. He has not tweeted since May 30.

Amid rumors about his health, Fox News issued a statement on Aug. 1 saying that Cavuto was taking “a long-planned vacation” and would return to the network later in the month. The network has not given any further updates on his whereabouts or when he might return to work.

Cavuto’s absence comes as Fox News is facing a slew of challenges, including declining ratings, sexual harassment allegations and the departure of several high-profile hosts.

How long Cavuto has been with Fox News

Neil Cavuto has been with Fox News since 1996, when the network launched. He is currently the senior vice president of business news and anchor of “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Cavuto has been a staple on Fox News, often hostingthe network’s business shows and breaking news events. He has also served as a fill-in host for “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity.”

Cavuto’s absence from Fox News comes as the network is facing criticism for its handling of sexual harassment allegations against former host Bill O’Reilly.

Cavuto’s past health scares

Cavuto has had three known health scares in the past. In the 1990s, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was treated with chemotherapy and medication. In 2015, he had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his kidney. Most recently, in 2018, he underwent successful surgery to remove a non-cancerous growth from his vocal cord. Cavuto has been open about his health struggles and credits his wife for helping him through them.

What Cavuto’s absence means for Fox News

Neil Cavuto has been a staple at Fox News for two decades, but the veteran news anchor has been noticeably absent from the network in recent weeks.

Cavuto, who serves as the network’s senior vice president of business news, has been on medical leave since mid-March. His last on-air appearance was March 10, during Fox Business Network’s coverage of Covid-19.

Since then, Cavuto has been absent from both Fox News and Fox Business, with no clear indication of when he will return. In his absence, a rotating cast of guest hosts have filled in on his two programs: “Your World” on Fox News and “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Fox Business.

The 63-year-old Cavuto is one of Fox News’ most popular hosts, and his absence comes at a crucial time for the network. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to dominate the news cycle, and the 2020 presidential election heating up, Fox News will need all hands on deck in the months ahead.

So far, there has been no public explanation for Cavuto’s absence, and Fox News has declined to comment on the matter. But given his lengthy tenure at the network, it’s safe to say that Cavuto’s absence is felt by both his fans and his colleagues.


These are the possible explanations for why Neil Cavuto is missing from Fox News:

-He may be on vacation. Fox News anchors often take vacations, and it’s possible that Cavuto is just taking some time off.

-He could be sick. This is always a possibility, and it would explain why he’s been MIA.

-Something could have happened to him personally. This is admittedly unlikely, but it’s still a possibility.

-There could be some sort of behind-the-scenes conflict at Fox News. This seems unlikely, but it can’t be ruled out entirely.

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