Who Is Leaving Kcra News?

After 11 years, KCRA reporter Kay Recede announced her departure from the local news industry. Although leaving wasn’t an easy choice, she said in her social media announcement that “it’s time for a new chapter.”

Similarly, Where did Melanie Hunter go?

Melanie Hunter is the new morning traffic anchor at KCRA. Melanie spent three years working in Tucson, Arizona’s NBC station KVOA before relocating to Sacramento. She worked mostly as a traffic reporter and anchor. She also substituted as a news and weather anchor.

Also, it is asked, How much does a KCRA news anchor make?

In organizations like KCRA-TV, the base pay for a news anchor ranges from $35,620 to $58,567, with an average base pay of $44,412. With an average total cash pay of $44,677, the total cash compensation, which includes bonus and yearly incentives, may range from $35,865 to $58,882.

Secondly, What happened to Edie Lambert?

With her husband Lloyd E. Levine, whom she wed on September, Lambert presently lives in Sacramento with their two children. On a trip from Seattle to Sacramento in November 2005, Lambert and Levine, who was the assemblyman for California’s 40th Assembly District at the time, met.

Also, How Old Is Eddie Lambert?

53 years (Novem.) Age of Edie Lambert

People also ask, Is Eileen Javora back on KCRA?

Eileen Javora is coming back to the KCRA 3 News crew after maternity leave, according to Hearst-owned NBC station KCRA Sacramento, California (DMA 20). Beginning on December 1, Javora will rejoin the weekend news crew and continue her work as a meteorologist.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Linh Truong have a BF?

Private Life Linh and Chris, her high school lover, had a romantic relationship (Christian Guzman). The pair parted ways in March 2020, although Linh has said that they stayed friends and are on good terms. She is now dating “Chris,” her ex-college flame.

Who is the new weather girl on FOX 2?

An Emmy Award-winning television personality is Rosemary Orozco. Rosemary works as a meteorologist in the sixth-largest news market in the country right now.

Who is Edie Lambert husband?

Lewis E. Lloyd Edie Lambert, the spouse (m. 2008) Democratic politician Lloyd Edward Levine served as the 40th State Assembly district’s representative in California from December to November.

What does KCRA 3 stand for?

Acronym. KCRA definition California’s Kern County Racing Association, or KCRA.

Where did Shelby Cashman go?

Weekday mornings, Jason Hackett, Alejandra Briones, and Jonathan Conder, a morning meteorologist, co-anchor KOCO 5 News with Shelby Cashman. Cashman worked as a nighttime anchor at KOAT, KOCO’s sister station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before moving back home to Oklahoma.

Is Eddie Lampert married?

Queena Lampert Eddie Lampert and his wife (m. 2001)

What is Eddie Lampert worth?

USD 1.8 billion (2022) Eddie Lampert’s estimated wealth

Who is the CEO of Sears Roebuck?

Eddie Lampert, who is he? He serves as the company’s chairman and CEO in addition to being its biggest shareholder. ESL Investments, where he also serves as chairman and CEO and which mostly deals in real estate, makes up the other half of his corporate universe. He has experience in the financial industry, having worked at Goldman Sachs.

What happened to the weather lady on KCRA 3?

After six years with the station, meteorologist Linh Truong is bidding KCRA 3 viewers goodbye. Obtaining this position six years ago was a dream come true for Truong, and he has enjoyed every second of it. She is traveling to St. Louis for a new career.

Does Tamara Berg have children?

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Baby Alexander Lee joined the KCRA family this month as a new addition. Tamara Berg, a meteorologist, discussed her experiences after giving birth to her son on November 7.

What happened Bridget Mahoney?

As an afternoon and evening co-host of the ad-supported streaming weather service, Brigit Mahoney joined FOX Weather in 2021. Mahoney worked as a meteorologist for FOX station KTVI-TV in St. Louis before joining the network.

Who left Fox 2 news recently?

6 siege After the Fox News host of a program that was based on exaggerations and conspiracies about the uprising at the US Capitol, Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg resigned.

Who are the meteorologists on KCRA?

Tamara Berg is a meteorologist. Chief meteorologist Mark Finan. Melanie Hunter is a meteorologist and traffic anchor. Meteorologist Eileen Javora. Meteorologist Dirk Verdoorn Weather expert Heather Waldman

Who is Kellie DeMarco?

DeMarco began her TV career in Colorado twenty years ago. At the television stations KRDO in Colorado Springs and KJCT in Grand Junction, she was a morning news anchor. She then moved to Denver’s KWGN in 2007 to host the nightly broadcast. A few years later, she was recruited by Sacramento’s NBC station KCRA to anchor and report.

Who owns KCRA Sacramento?

Television Hearst

How many TV stations does Hearst own?

television 33

Does is snow in Sacramento?

Los Angeles, California Sacramento seldom experiences freezing temperatures, and there is often no snowfall there. The latest substantial accumulation was 2 inches on February, although “traces” of freezing precipitation being reported as recently as 2009.

Who is Jason Hackett?

Every weekday morning, Jason Hackett co-anchors KOCO 5 News with Shelby Cashman, Alejandra Briones, and meteorologist Jonathan Conder. Jason formerly worked as a reporter at WPTV, the NBC station in West Palm Beach, Florida, before joining KOCO 5 News.

Where is Kalyn Norwood from?

TX Dallas

Where is Carissa Lawson?

News 12 New Jersey’s morning news anchor is Carissa Lawson. She was born in Queens and raised in New York City. Lawson graduated with honors in broadcast journalism from New York University.

How Old Is Eddie Lampert?

59 years (J.) Age of Eddie Lampert

Is Sears Roebuck still in business?

There are now just 23 Sears full-line shops open for business, according to many sources. That total includes the recently closed last facility in the Chicagoland region, where the firm was established and had its headquarters for many generations.

Who took Sears?



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