Who Left Fox 13 News?

The nightly news anchor, who has appeared on approximately 20,000 WTVT shows, is prepared to retire. TAMPA — Kelly Ring is almost ready for the 6 o’clock program, which is in two hours.

Similarly, Who left FOX 13 News recently?

Travis Mayfield gets farewelled by FOX 13 Morning News, which also looks back on his tenure there.

Also, it is asked, Who is the new girl on FOX 13?

An Emmy-winning journalist named Allie Corey co-anchors the daily newscasts at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. She is a native of Florida and began working at FOX 13 in June 2022.

Secondly, Is MJ leaving FOX 13 News?

A personal message. My final day at @fox12oregon will be September 30 after 12 fantastic years there. I am returning to Seattle with my family. Beginning in early October, I’ll take over @Q13FOX’s weekday morning weather when my weather pal @MJMCDERMOTT retires.

Also, Where is Matt Lorch going?

Matt Lorch, an anchor at FOX 13/Q13 for ten years, is departing to pursue his love of working with local charities. We reviewed his professional history and tenure at FOX 13.

People also ask, What happened to Ali Bradley?

She has a job, an apartment, and is now a volunteer with the group that assisted her in getting back on her feet. Andrea Suarez founded We Heart Seattle in October 2020.

Related Questions and Answers

What happened to Brian MacMillan?

Brian MacMillan, a meteorologist at KPTV, a Fox affiliate in Portland, Oregon, is moving to Seattle to work. After working there for 12 years, MacMillan made the announcement on LinkedIn, stating that he is departing to work as the weekday morning meteorologist at KCPQ in Seattle.

What happened Q13?

In order to match the branding of other Fox-owned stations, KCPQ discontinued the Q13 designation and changed its name to “Fox 13” on September 1.

Where is Adam Gehrke from?

After growing up in Wisconsin, Adam Gehrke relocated to Colorado in 2005. He graduated from the Police Academy at the Highlands Ranch Public Training Institute in 2006. His career in law enforcement began in 2007 when he joined the Durango Police Department in Durango, Colorado.

Does Bill Wixey still work for Q13?

With over two decades of experience as an anchor, reporter, producer, and writer, Bill Wixey is an Emmy-winning journalist. Currently, Bill co-anchors KCPQ’s “Q13 News This Morning,” which airs weekdays from 5 to 10 am and is Seattle’s top-rated five-hour morning program.

Did Bill Wixey retire?

SEATAC — Following Wednesday morning’s broadcast, Bill Wixey posted the announcement on his Facebook page with obvious emotion on his face. The Q13 FOX News This Morning anchor posted, “A minute of silence for ye olde white dress shirt.” “Today, I’m formally retiring it after many years and many broadcast hours.

When did Roy Leep retire?

Is Dori Monson coming back?

7, 2020 11:17 a.m. Following a nearly three-week ban from Bonneville Seattle due to his transphobic tweet during the Oct. 7 gubernatorial debate, KIRO radio anchor Dori Monson is back on the air. In an article on MyNorthwest.com, Monson broke the news and apologized.

Did Ron and Don get fired?

On January, the cancellation of the program was revealed.

Why did Erin Christiansen leave?

After 12 years, KGUN’s lead meteorologist Erin Christiansen is leaving her job to take up a new opportunity in Florida. Christiansen began working as a meteorologist for the Tucson television station in June 2006. She has received two Emmy Awards for her forecasts. On Friday night, Christiansen had his farewell send-off from the station.

Why did Erin Christiansen come back to Tucson?

Tucson is where my heart is, Erin stated. I sense a call from the mountains, the monsoon, the saguaros, the sunsets, and the fauna. My first job will be to warn residents of Southern Arizona about the high heat, monsoon rain, flash floods, dust storms, lightning, potential for wildfires, snowfall, and other weather changes the Southwest may bring.

Who owns Lucky Dog Ranch now?

When David Weiss, the owner of The Lucky Dog Ranch, had to travel and board his own dogs in a kennel, he was searching for a certain sort of experience. It was soon apparent that dogs appreciate being able to play, run, and interact.

Why did MJ Mcdermott retire?

On October 8, 2021, the day I retired, I received a cancer diagnosis – exactly six months later! What a surprise! I have been identified as having Stage 1 Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma after a battery of testing.

What channel is Walter Kelly on in Arizona?


Is Kaci Aitchison coming back to Q13?

Q13 News. Q13 News, SEATTLE Kaci Aitchison, the host of This Morning, came back to the studio on Friday with a significant news.

Who are the meteorologist on FOX 13 Utah?

Social. Fox 13’s weekend meteorologist is Brek Bolton.

Where is Paul Dellegatto?

He serves as WTVT’s lead meteorologist in Tampa, Florida.

What was wrong with Dori Monson?

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM lost Monson for two and a half weeks due to a tweet he wrote disparaging transgender people. The most popular Monson said in a statement on the station’s website that his tweet on October 7 — during the Governor of Washington vs.

How old is Dori Monson?

60 years (Octo) Age of Dori Monson

What time is the Dori Monson Show?

12 noon

How do I email KIRO Radio?

Call (888) 973-5476 for KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM. Call (866) 979-3776 for Seattle Sports. Comments and website problems. Message me at [email protected] Michael Simeona, Director of Digital Content, MyNorthwest.com inquiries about advertising. Call or text the 97.3 KIRO Listener Line. KIRO Newsroom, 97.3. Program Director at 97.3 KIRO. KIRO Feedback 97.3.

Is Clay Ostarly still at WOWT?

Omaha. Clay Ostarly, an AP-award winning and NWA-certified meteorologist and multimedia journalist, has joined WOWT’s First Alert Weather Team. Clay was reared in New Orleans, where he was born, and most recently employed in Roanoke, Virginia.

Who is leaving Wowt?

Soon, Anastasia Champ TV will depart WOWT 6 News. She provides a passionate statement that explains why.


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