Why Is My Google News Feed Not Working?

The app isn’t refreshed Open your app, and then swipe down on the screen to access fresh articles. Verify your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Learn how to erase your app’s cache and data if it shuts or some information is blank.

Similarly, How do I get my Google News feed back?

Google Feed settings for Android TapApps” on the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, click the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: Updates might appear in the notification area or not depending on the “Notifications” configuration.

Also, it is asked, Why is Google feed not working?

Verify Google Discover Is Active You may activate and disable the Discover feed using the Google app on your phone. Your feed doesn’t show or update if you or someone else has deactivated that option. You’re ready to go after you enable the feed. On your phone, launch the Google app.

Secondly, Why is my Google News feed not working on Iphone?

Verify your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Remove the program and download it again from the App Store if it crashes or some material is blank. Resaving previously stored stuff is required.

Also, Why is Google News blocked?

According to Russian news agency Interfax, Google News has been disabled by Russia’s communications regulator after the company was accused of disseminating misleading information on Moscow’s conflict in Ukraine.

People also ask, How do I get Google News to show on my homepage?

0:021:24 therefore choose settings. Click general under settings, then choose the third option (discover) on the 1 2 3 menu. Click on settings, SoMoreSo. Click general under settings, then choose the third option (discover) on the 1 2 3 menu. This is thus deactivated by default and will suffice if.

Related Questions and Answers

Why is my news feed not updating?

The time and date settings may be incorrect, which may prevent your system’s Facebook newsfeed from updating. Setting the Date and Time settings in sync with the time zone is the only way to make it proper. Activate the phone’s settings. Navigate to the system time settings option.

How do I turn on news feed?

Tap your profile photo or first name in the upper right corner. Click News settings. Tap Notifications from the “Alerts” menu. Select “Get alerts” to enable them.

How do I get my news feed back on my iPhone?

Swipe to the bottom of the screen, choose Following, and then select Notifications & Email. Turn on Apple News Newsletter by sliding to the bottom of the screen.

How do I get Google News feed on my iPhone?

The Google News app for iPhone doesn’t provide a means for you to subscribe within the app if you don’t already have one. Instead, you’ll need to go a source’s official website or download an associated iPhone app to subscribe before using your login information to access the Google News app.

Why can’t I get news on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, enable News under iCloud settings. Navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud on your Apple device. Verify that you have the same Apple ID signed in across all of your devices. If it isn’t already, switch on News in the list of applications.

How do you refresh Google on Android?

0:150:59 The same thing happens when we touch the three-dot menu icon and then choose Refresh. More The same thing happens when we touch the three-dot menu icon and then choose Refresh.

Where is Google News on my phone?

Add a widget for the Google News app. Touch and hold the Home screen on your Android handset. Click Widgets. The Google News widget may be tapped and held.

How do I add Google News feed to Chrome?

How to activate web feeds Open the Google Chrome app on your Android smartphone to begin. Type “Web Feed” into the search bar on the next page. Choose Enabled from the pop-up option under Web Feed’s drop-down menu. After you’ve done so, Chrome will ask you to “relaunch” your browser in order for the modifications to take effect.

How do I update Google News on my phone?

The Google News app for Android may be updated as follows: Start the Play Store. Manage applications & device by tapping on your profile in the upper right corner. To download and install all updates, choose Update all under the Updates Available column.

How do you fix news feed isn’t available right now?

You may restart your phone after clearing the cache data to see if it fixes the problem. If it’s not, you may try clearing the application data and see if it helps. There is no need for concern since data corruption is a relatively regular occurrence on the Android platform.

Why cant I see my post on my timeline?

The most probable reason is that the postings in your feed came from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page with an age or location filter if your Facebook feed doesn’t seem to be displaying the most recent posts or if certain posts posted to your Facebook page are missing.

How do I use Google News?

Visiting Google News Enter your search criteria, such as a subject to read about, a location to visit, or a source to read from.

What is a Google feed?

A list of the items you wish to market via Merchant Center is included in a file called a feed.

How do I turn on Google Discover?

To reactivate it, open the Google app and go to Settings > General > Discover.

What happened to News app on iPhone?

You may restart your iPhone and check again if the News app isn’t there. Your iPhone will display the News app. Please be aware that the News app will vanish from your iPhone or iPad if you return the Language & Region settings to your native country.

How do I change Google News?

Modify the tale display options. Open the Google News app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap your profile photo or initial in the upper right corner of the News settings page. Activate Mini cards.

Where is the refresh button?

Without downloading a new version of the app, you may see the most current content changes on the app by pressing the refresh button. Users must refresh their apps in order to view updates when an app administrator releases them. On the home screen’s top right, there is a little refresh button that may be used to do this.

How do you clear your cache?

To access a dropdown menu, tap the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. The three-dot dropdown menu must be tapped. On the dropdown menu, choose “History.” Then choose “Clear data” after checking “Cached photos and files.” In your Android’s settings, tap “Storage.” Then choose “Internal storage.” Select “Cached data.” To remove the app cache, tap “OK.”

How do I refresh my browser on my Samsung phone?

To refresh and reload a page on Chrome Android, follow these steps: Open the Android app for Chrome. The website or pages where you emptied the cache storage should now be opened. For options and a menu, tap on. To update the website page, tap the symbol.

How do I get Google feed on my computer?

To restart the browser, just go to chrome:/flags/#enable-google-now, change “Default” to “Enabled,” and then click “Relaunch Now” at the bottom of the page. Users will see a “”Google Now on your desktop! after they have logged in and are active.

Why is my news feed showing old posts?

Because many of your friends have liked or commented on a post you’ve previously seen, it sometimes rises to the top of Feed. This makes it easier for you to see the posts and discussions that your friends are engaging in the most.

Why has my news feed disappeared from Facebook?

Check Your Internet Connection First An inconsistent internet connection is one of the most frequent causes of problems loading your Facebook news feed and comments. If you can navigate successfully, check other applications and websites.

Why can’t I see my friends posts on my News Feed?

Because the newsfeed is configured by default to display top posts rather than the most recent postings, posts from your friends won’t appear in your feed if their engagement isn’t on par with that of the other Facebook users and pages you follow and interact with.

How do I see posts on my timeline?

Using the activity log, you may see anything (such as posts, images, and videos) that you’ve concealed on your profile. On Facebook, tap your name after tapping the top right button. Tap Activity Log again.

Why can’t I see my timeline on Google Maps?

Verify that location history is enabled. Open the Google Maps application. In the upper right corner, tap your profile photo. Choose “Settings.” Make sure Location History is enabled under “Personal Content” and click.


The “google news feed disappeared android” is a question that many people ask. The answer to the question is that Google has changed their algorithm and it no longer works on Android devices.

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