Will Fuller News: The Latest on the Houston Texans Wide Receiver

Will Fuller is a wide receiver for the Houston Texans. This blog will provide the latest news on Will Fuller, including his stats, injuries, and more.

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Will Fuller is a wide receiver for the Houston Texans. He was drafted in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has played three seasons for the Texans.

Fuller has had a productive career so far. He has caught 138 passes for 2,001 yards and 17 touchdowns. He has also been named to the Pro Bowl once, in 2018.

However, Fuller has also dealt with injuries throughout his career. He missed most of the 2017 season with a collarbone injury and he missed four games in 2019 with a hamstring injury.

The 2020 season will be a critical one for Fuller. He is entering the final year of his rookie contract and he will be a free agent after the season. The Texans will have to decide if they want to give him a long-term extension or let him hit the open market.

What’s the latest on Will Fuller’s injury?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller is expected to miss several weeks with a hamstring injury.

Fuller was injured during the Texans’ Week 4 loss to the Minnesota Vikings and did not return to the game. He has been one of Houston’s most explosive offensive weapons this season, catchi

How has Will Fuller’s absence affected the Texans?

Will Fuller’s absence has been tough on the Texans, but they have managed to win their last two games without him. Fuller is one of the most explosive receivers in the NFL, and his absence has definitely been felt by the Texans offense. They have struggled to find a consistent playmaker in his absence, but they should be able to get by with the players they have.

What can we expect from Will Fuller when he returns?

Will Fuller is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL, and the Houston Texans are lucky to have him on their team. However, Fuller has had his share of injuries, and he is currently recovering from a torn ACL. The question on everyone’s mind is: what can we expect from Will Fuller when he returns?

Fuller has said that he is feeling good and is on track to return to the field for training camp. He also believes that he will be ready to play in Week 1 of the regular season. This is great news for Texans fans, as it means that Fuller should be back to his old self when he takes the field again.

However, there are some concerns about how well Fuller will recover from his injury. He will be 27 years old when he returns to the field, and ACL injuries can be difficult for players to come back from, especially at that age. Additionally, Fuller has had other injuries in the past, including a broken collarbone and a hamstring injury. These previous injuries could make it more difficult for him to recover from his ACL tear.

Only time will tell how well Will Fuller will recover from his injury and how effective he will be when he returns to the field. However, based on what we know about him so far, it seems likely that he will be able to make a successful return and continue being one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.


Will Fuller’s injury history is a major concern for the Houston Texans wide receiver going into the 2020 season. Fuller has only played in more than 10 games once in his four-year NFL career, and that came back in 2018. He’s missed a total of 18 games over the past three seasons, including seven last year.

The Texans have made it clear that they’re not going to rush Fuller back from his latest injury, which is a good sign for his long-term health. However, it does put his status for the start of the regular season in doubt. For now, fantasy owners should take a wait-and-see approach with Fuller and see how he progresses over the next few weeks.

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