Will Smith’s Latest News

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Will Smith’s latest news

Will Smith’s latest news is that he is currently in talks to star in a new movie called Bright. The movie is set in a world where humans and orcs live side by side. Will Smith is set to play the lead role of a human who has to team up with an orc to stop a war from happening.

Will Smith’s new movie

Will Smith has been cast in the new movie, Bright. The film is a fantasy thriller that is set in an alternate present day. In this world, humans and mythical creatures such as orcs and elves live together. Smith will play a police officer who is forced to work with an orc in order to find a powerful weapon before it falls into the wrong hands.

Will Smith’s new TV show

Will Smith is set to star in and produce a new dramatic television series for Apple, it was announced today. The untitled series will be written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Zoë Potkin and executive produced by Smith’s Westbrook Studios.

The show is described as “a powerful, personal drama about the American dream that explores what our successes mean to us – and what happens when we fail at them.”

“I’m so excited to be making this show with Zoë and Westbrook Studios,” said Smith in a statement. “I can’t wait to see how audiences react to it.”

Smith is best known for his roles in films like “Independence Day,” “Men in Black” and “Ali.” He most recently starred in the Netflix film “Bright” and will next be seen in the upcoming action film “Gemini Man.”

Will Smith’s new album

Will Smith is set to release a new album with rapper Dru Hill, the actor announced on Instagram.

The project, titled The Return of Dragon, will be Smith’s first album in over 18 years. Smith announced the news on Instagram with a video montage of old interviews and music videos.

“It’s been too long. It’s time to bring that heat,” Smith says in the video. “It’s time to bring that real heat.”

The Return of Dragon will be released on December 4th.

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